A hidden gem nestled along the serene shores of Troncones, Mexico

Casa Barracuda is a living canvas where sunlight and shadows paint a captivating picture, revealing the ever-changing hues throughout the day. Lay back in this open-concept retreat.

Casa Barracuda

Where crashing waves
set the tempo

Step into a space where time slows, inviting you to leave the rush of everyday life behind

This exceptional villa features a spacious open-concept design allowing for optimal privacy and serenity. It’s five beautiful bedrooms encircle an elegant courtyard featuring a landscaped garden and bocce court. The expansive living area includes a full kitchen, dining area and large seating area that opens to a magical round infinity pool, overlooking the ocean.

Unspoiled beauty all around

Troncones is a sanctuary for all types of travelers; Surf the incredible breaks, practice yoga, horseback ride, bask in the sun or stroll along the unspoiled coast.